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Explore the picturesque surroundings of Ca’Damiani: our convenient location is just a stone's throw from some of the most beloved places in Italy.


n the north-east of Italy, the Valdobbiadene region is famous for its prosecco. Sip some of the best wine Italy has to offer at a tasting held in a traditional local cellar rich with history. Explore the vineyards of the Veneto on horseback or stroll in the old town of the charming city of Valdobbiadene.


Spend an unforgettable day in the Italian city of love: take a spin in a beautiful gondola as the gondolier sings to you in local dialect, then get lost in the history and traditions found in the lagoon city’s alleyways Wrap up the day by visiting some of the most famous museums in the world and enjoying an aperitif in Piazza San Marco, admiring the sunset as it shimmers on the water.


The capital city of Friuli Venezia Giulia is a bridge between the East and West, with incredible treasures to discover. Along the coast of the Karst Plateau, a large gulf opens up, embracing the city with its port and breath-taking cliffs, dotted by castles that overlook the sea, including the incredible Miramare Castle. The charm of Trieste has inspired poets and writers, such as James Joyce.


Sip on a glass of world-famous prosecco in Piazza dei Signori, one of the most picturesque squares in the old town of Treviso. This wondrous city is famous for its canals, making it a small Venice, far from the sea.


Stroll around Udine and admire the numerous architectural wonders dating to different periods in the history of the region: one of the most famous is the Castle of Udine, built in the 1500s, and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata, constructed from 1200 onwards. Udine is also a modern, urban city, with shops, bars, restaurants and music venues where you can spend a night out on the town.

The pile dwellings of Palù di Livenza

Take a trip back in time thanks to this pre-historic site. During the Palaeolithic era, this site was home to the last hunter-gatherers in the region; in the Neolithic era, it became the site of pile dwellings, which are perfectly preserved today.

Given its incredible archaeological value, the Palù di Livenza is now on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Park of San Floriano

You can explore this wonderful rural environment just outside of Polcenigo on foot, bicycle or even barefoot: the park includes multiple paths for young and old alike, created especially for those who want to see what it feels like to walk barefoot in the woods. Pack a lunch, or enjoy the traditional cuisine served in nearby restaurants, spending a day immersed in the verdant natural landscape of Friuli.

The source of the River Gorgazzo

Adventurous types can explore the source of the River Gorgazzo, an underwater cave created by one of the deepest natural springs ever explored in the world. Near the entry to the cave, about 9 meters under water, is a statue of Christ, visible from the shore thanks to the crystal-clear water.

The Cansiglio Forest

The Cansiglio Forest is the perfect destination for anyone who loves trekking in the mountains. This beautiful plateau in the Carnic Alps is characterized by beautiful beech and spruce forests and is home to roe deer and Alpine ibex.

In addition to hiking, you can try a number of different activities such as golf, horseback riding and mountain biking.


If you are passionate about golf, Italy’s most famous golf club is just a few kilometers from Ca’Damiani, in the town of Aviano. Flaunt your golf skills on an 18-hole course that extends within the historical park of Villa Policreti.

The golf links are enriched by ponds, grassy mounds and small woods.


No matter the time of year you decide to come to Friuli, the mountains of Piancavallo offer a range of fun, exciting activities. In winter, it’s a renowned ski destination, with pistes for all levels of expertise, while in summer,

it’s ideal for those who want to enjoy a stroll in the shade of the woods.


Caorle is a unique coastal town, one of Italy’s Borghi Storici Marinai (Historical Fishing Villages), famous for its fine sand beaches and crystal-clear sea.

Head to Caorle and enjoy traditional fish dishes and stroll amid its alleyways to discover its rich history.