A historical residence

The Villa

Hotel Relais Ca’Damiani,
a eighteenth-century villa surrounded by nature

In the heart of Caneva, not far from the Venetian lagoon, is Ca’Damiani, a historical Venetian residence that today is home to a renowned 4-star hotel.

The origins

One family's story

The history of our villa is intertwined with that of the Damiani family.
It all began a few centuries ago: hailing from Venice, the Damiani family came to Caneva around the mid-eighteenth century at the request of the Doge, the leader of the Republic of Venice. Domenico Damiani, the forefather of the dynasty, was in fact named solicitor of the Venetian Republic in the towns of Caneva, Sacile and Cordignano.

Domenico’s profession brought prestige to his family, ultimately leading to the construction of the villa as a display of its economic and political power in the Veneto-Friuli area. Defined by its Italian Art Nouveau architecture, the building is still composed of 11 bedrooms, 3 sitting rooms and an attached agricultural building known in the Veneto as a barchessa.

The park

In contact with nature

Nature and architecture come together in the Italian Art Nouveau style that, with its curved, branching shapes, was inspired by the lush greenery that surrounds the villa. Indeed, the large park is home to centuries-old trees, veritable natural monuments in their own right.